Fitbit Charge HR – Improve Sleep Patterns For a Good Night’s Rest

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High performance activity trackers such as Fitbit Charge HR delivers so much more than just regular foot activity. Some of the classic benefits of Fitbit Charge HR includes, calculation of accurate calorie expenditure, distance covered, number of steps throughout the day, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

A Closer Look at the Product

The Fitbit tracker allow you to record your sleep in “normal mode” for superficial sleep monitoring, as well as “sensitive mode”, for more detailed sleep studies. If you are diagnosed with sleep disorders or if you are on a therapy, this device is perfect for you as it enables you to record excessive movements (such as rolling, turning, twisting that are indicative of disturbed sleep) as well as number and duration of awakenings during sleep. If you use the device consistently over time, you will be able to derive valuable information about your sleep; for example, if a certain sleep therapy is working etc.

Fitbit Charge HR should be ideally worn an inch above the wrist joint for accurate sleep tracking.

Getting Comfortable With It:

In order to set your device for sensitive sleep tracking on your smart phone app, here is what you should do:

Go to Account —-> Advanced Settings —–> Sleep Sensitivity.

To update your setting on your computer, visit;

Go to Dashboard —–>Settings —-> Devices —–> Sleep Tracking.

You can also manage your sleep history, set sleep goals and view sleep stats/ progress over time.

The Downside:

The device calculates the sleep efficiency by this mathematical formula:

100 * time asleep / (time restless during sleep+ total time in deep sleep + total time awoken during sleep)

It is possible to get 100% sleep efficiency (in other words, perfect sleep) if you don’t move at all. The device also don’t account the time taken to fall asleep.

How Much Does it Cost?

 The device costs $150 if you order it from the Fitbit Store; however, a little variation in pricing is possible if you are purchasing it from elsewhere.

Pros and Cons

Like all trackers and devices, Fitbit Charge HR has its own pros and cons.


  • You can use the device to monitor the duration and quality of your sleep.
  • You do not need an additional device/ tracker foe sleep tracking.
  • Available in various muted colors and sizes for better fit and function.
  • Affordable price
  • Sync the data automatically and continuously to your computer or smart phone,
  • The OLED display screen allows you to see the time, daily stats and call notifications.
  • Even if you forgot to activate your sleep mode, the device still automatically detects your sleep.
  • You can manually log your sleep too.
  • The tracker also detects naps (lasting longer than an hour).
  • The company offers 45-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty on the product.


  • The product can only be ordered and shipped within the United States.
  • Most people find it annoying and frustrating to sleep with a tracker on.
  • Does not record naps less than an hour.

Which device should I choose?

There are several other products that can help you to monitor your seep quality and duration. If you are not satisfied or convinced with the specs, you can try other devices for sleep tracking.

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