LUNA Review: Natural Sleep Aid Helps You Go to Sleep (For Insomnia)

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If you want to wake up fresh, feeling energized and active, prescription sleep medications may not be a good idea. The traditional sleep promoting benefits of most pharmacological sleep aids is limited by dose tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, daytime sleepiness and hangover feeling the next morning. If you are looking for a healthy, chemical-free and fast acting solution for insomnia, LUNA is right for you.

A Closer Look at the Product:

When consumed in recommended doses, LUNA slowly induces sleep by relaxing your brain. This effect is different from the sloppy drowsiness caused by most prescription drugs or tranquilizers.  The mallow mood slowly translates into peaceful and restful sleep that lasts all night long. The classic benefit of LUNA over conventional sleep aids is its ability to calm your stressed nerves to maintain restful sleep.

Getting Comfortable With It:

LUNA is prepared from naturally occurring nutrients to promote a functional and reliable sleep schedule. Here is a list of all the ingredients of LUNA.

Each capsule delivers: Chamomile extract, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Lemon balm extract (50mg), Vegetable Cellulose, Melatonin (3mg), GABA (50mg), Magnesium (5mg), L-Theanine (100mg), Passion flower extract (50mg), Hops extract (50mg), Valerian root extract (75mg), sunflower extract (50mg).

Consume 1-2 LUNA capsules 30-60 minutes before your desired bedtime.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can purchase LUNA from Amazon as well as a number of stores for $20.85. The exact price may vary depending upon the coupons or other forms of store promotions.

Pros and Cons


  • The efficacy of healthy herbal supplements like LUNA makes it a desired sleep aid for those who suffer from chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • It is non-habit forming, which makes it a superior over conventional OTC or prescription sleep inducing medications.
  • There is no risk of drug-drug interaction or chemical side-effects.
  • You can also sign-up for LUNA challenge. The company offers payback guarantee for unsatisfied customers.
  • Can be consumed by vegans.
  • You can swallow the pill/ capsule or crush it into a powder and consume it with a drink. The efficacy does not alter with the mode of intake.
  • None of the components of this supplement are prohibited and you can successfully undergo lab testing while on LUNA.


  • Some people may not get desired benefits from this supplement.
  • A few consumers reported nightmares and restless sleep while on LUNA.


  1. Are there any cautions and concerns with LUNA use?

It is recommended to avoid operating heavy machinery or automobiles after consuming LUNA. Limit your alcohol intake and other CNS depressants to minimize the risk of complications. Do not give LUNA to young children and avoid using more than recommended dose.

  1. Can I take LUNA during pregnancy or nursing?

It is highly recommended to speak to a primary care provider if you are nursing or pregnant before consuming LUNA. In addition, if you are suffering from chronic medical conditions, start LUNA use only after consulting your physician.

  1. Can I wake up 4-6 hours after consuming LUNA?

Yes, you can.

If you have a troubled sleep, it doesn’t hurt to try this wonderful herbal supplement. If things doesn’t go well, you can always ask for a full refund.

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