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Plackers Grind No More Mouth Guard: My Shocking Review

Poorly managed Bruxism poses a serious risk to your dental health, but most people find it too hard to live with giant mouth pieces. Besides the size and weight, there are so many other concerns with ill-adjusting mouthpiece use such as high risk of oral injury (infection, boil, cuts), recurrent headaches, poor quality of sleep etc.

But not anymore!!!

If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable night guard, Plackers Mouth Guard is the right option for you. It is an exceptionally useful product for grinders as well as clenchers.

A Closer Look at the Product:

The product is available in one-size and can be worn without any difficulty. The innovative design provides soft cushioning between upper jaw and lower jaw. The risk of cutting and biting injury is minimal with the use of Plackers Mouth Guard as it is made up of stabilizing bite plates, alignment grooves and self- absorbing bite plates.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of 1 pack is $15 (which may slightly vary depending upon the store). Each pack contains 14 mouth guards and may last for up to a few months, depending upon the severity of your condition.

Pros and Cons


  • This is one of the only ready to-use and disposable mouth guards available today in the market.
  • Equally helpful for grinders as well as clenchers.
  • Each ready-to use device can be worn for 3 days (for heavy grinders) to as long as 3 weeks.
  • No adjustment or fitting is needed.
  • The device can be shipped within the United States as well as in selective few countries outside of US.
  • The night guards are not rigid or huge (unlike typical devices for Bruxism management) and allows fair degree of flexibility.
  • It is exceptionally easy to clean the product in between the use.


  • Some people may take a few days to get use to this device.
  • This device is not ideal for those who have chipped teeth, missing fillings, missing teeth, unified cavities or capped teeth (due to a possible risk of choking hazard).
  • Avoid eating, drinking or smoking with the unit in place.

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Should I get Plackers Mouth Guard?

It is understandable that high market saturation and colorful marketing campaigns makes it difficult for an average customer to decide what products to use, but if you are looking for comfort, hygiene and protection from long term complications of Bruxism, Plackers Mouth Guard is the right device for you.

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ZYPPAH Stop Snoring Mouth Guard – THE Best Anti-Snoring Device!

Snoring not only affects your sleep but can also put a bar on your relationships. But with innovative solutions like ZYPPAH available in the market, you can get your sleep as well as the love of your life back.

A Closer Look at the Product

The Happy ZzzZzz (sold as ZYPPAH) is a self-molding, FDA cleared oral device that is safe, low cost and effective for the total elimination of snoring. The ZYPPAH is considered superior to other competitive products in the market as it provide dual solutions for snoring control. The mandibular advancement stabilizes the jaw and reposition it in a forward desirable position to maintain the patency of airways, while a snore eliminating elastic tongue strap (which is patent pending) holds the tongue during deep stages of sleep (thereby preventing it from falling back in the throat to cause respiratory difficulty).

Getting Comfortable With It:

Just boil the ZYPPAH oral appliance in water and bite on the device to ensure optimal fitting.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can get your Hybrid ZYPPAH for $89.95 from the company website. If you choose to order two appliances, you can actually save some money as well.  Learn more about the company here.

ZYPPAH – Hybrid Oral Appliance

Pros and Cons


  • The boil-and-bite device allows you to customize the fitting of mouthpiece as per your comfort.
  • FDA cleared and rendered safe by a number of studies.
  • The oral appliance comes with a 90-day money back.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. No more boring white or transparent mouthpieces.
  • The Hybrid ZYPPAH oral appliance is made in USA and designed by a US qualified researcher and dentist.


  • Some people may take a few nights to get use to the product.
  • Does not offer much help for patients suffering from other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea.
  • The user adjustments are not possible which may be a turn-off for some users.


  1. Does ZYPPAH actually works?

Yes, since Hybrid ZYPPAH has a dual mode of action i.e. mandibular stabilization as well as prevention of tongue falling back in the throat. The dual properties virtually eliminates the chance of snoring with 100% success rate. This same property differentiates it from other anti-snoring products available in the market.

  1. How long before ZYPPAH start working?

In most cases, the positive results are evident after the first night.

  1. How can I store/ maintain my ZYPPAH?

The cleaning and storage of ZYPPAH is very easy. You can use denture cleaners to wash the product and store the cleaned oral appliance in the storage box (comes with the package) in between the use.